Human Resources Manager

Human Resources Manager

Human Resources Manager

Human Resources Manager

HR professional committed to helping the right people be in the right roles and aligned around company values and priorities!

Company Overview

GrowthZone, Inc. believes that communities matter, and associations are often unsung heroes in allowing communities and industries to thrive. We put our energy toward empowering those associations so they can in turn propel their members. We do this by working together to invent, develop and support the world’s leading association/membership software platforms.  We are nestled in mid-Minnesota where we are growing an operationally excellent, high growth SaaS company right here in rural Minnesota. We do this by serving our customers with excellence, serving each other and caring more about our team success than our own.

Position Overview

We are seeking an HR professional who believes in the importance of aligning an HR strategy with the overall business strategy and partnering with the entire leadership team to ensure that the initiatives in HR are focused on growing our company by growing our people.  Our future HR director will be a hand's on leader who is energized through daily collaboration with the leadership team and team members. They will be equally as energized by working at a strategic levels as executing on the HR initiatives. They will believe that a deep understanding of the core business strategies, our solutions and our customers is the only way to effectively know how to build and execute HR programs that support all of those stakeholders' needs.

What Are Key Responsibilities of the Role?

- Finding the right team members

  • Developing and managing recruitment efforts such as development of relationships with key academic programs, building intern programs, managing career fairs, networking to build recruitment opportunities, researching role-based job boards and groups, etc.
  • Building out employee vetting activities to ensure new employee fit with company culture and values along with skill needs of a position
  • Partnering with leadership to build, manage and execute upon recruitment strategies for open positions

- Ensuring success of team members

  • Collaborating with leadership to manage and execute on new employee onboarding and training
  • Ensuring that systems, processes and feedback loops are in place for team members to have a clear understanding of goals, expectations, progress and growth opportunities
  • Building a strong performance management process by aligning individual and department goals with the company’s Strategic Plan and Key Drivers.
  • Working with leadership to build and manage key training and development programs

- Ensuring Compliance with state and federal regulations and our own standards/expectations

- Translating and building commitment to the corporate vision and strategy into organizational policy direction, priorities and procedures

- Managing the HR functions of the organization, including benefit plans, recruitment, retention and development of a high-performance, high-engagement workforce

  • Manage the payroll processing for the company
  • Act as the watchdog for supporting a culture that leads to optimal employee engagement

Required Skills

  • Bachelor’s degree in human resources or related 
  • 3+ years in human resources or recruitment
  • Exceptional communication skills, writing skills, interpersonal skills, and ethical mindset
  • Adept at problem-solving and conflict resolution
  • Extensive knowledge of HR policies and systems
  • Familiarity with HR software and working knowledge of MS Office, HRIS systems, and comfortable learning new technical systems as needed
  • Knowledge of federal and state HR laws and regulation

Preferred Skills

  • Experience with Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • HR experience in an organization of 100+ employees

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