How Does GrowthZone Decide on New Features?

How Does GrowthZone Decide on New Features?

How Does GrowthZone Decide on New Features?

Let’s face it, there isn’t a piece of software that does 100% of what each individual user wants.

So how exactly does GrowthZone decide on features to include in the software?

  • Feedback directly from you!  One of the main sources of information used by our product team is input from users.  We provide an online UserVoice tool for submitting and voting on product suggestions. We encourage you to review, add, and vote on important items. Access to UserVoice can be found right within software, as one of the options in the dropdown under your Name, in the top right corner. Our product managers review these on a regular basis, and they play a major role in shaping our product planning.

  • Support team insights - our support team provides great insights into features that may be more challenging or most common for customers.

  • Product strategy - our long-term strategic vision for the product.  We are always challenging ourselves to be at the forefront in empowering association transformation by helping you apply best practices from the association space and other industries.

How Can I Stay Updated on New Features?

The GrowthZone software is constantly growing.  We release new features every week.  The best way to stay  updated is through our regular release notes.  You will see a number on the question mark icon in the bottom right corner of the platform when new updates are noted.

You can also access the product updates page directly.  If you have voted on a User Voice item, you will also receive an email update when notes are added or the feature is released.

There is a Feature That is Really Important to Me

As you are using the software, you may discover features that are different than you are used to or that our system doesn’t yet support. In such an instance, there are a few options:

  • Our team will review your needs with you and may be able to offer a workaround. We try to understand the result you are looking to achieve and see if a process change will work for you.  Wes Trochlil, an industry thought leader shares some great insights into the reality that associations must be ready to make some process changes as part of the steps in moving to any new software.

  • Submit your need in our feature request system, as outlined above.

  • Pay to have your feature expedited if it is something you really need and we agree can be a good fit within the software.  In this instance, our product team will review your need.  We will confirm that it can be effectively addressed in the software and provide a cost and time estimate.


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