Coming Soon: Membership Type Screen Updates

Coming Soon: Membership Type Screen Updates

We are working on some improvements to the Membership Types area of your software. Take a look at the upcoming changes.

We are working on some improvements to the Membership Types/Membership Policies area of your software, and we want to give you a preview of what to expect.  

The planned changes are being implemented to make setting up membership types more intuitive and to help clarify what controls each membership type has on the membership application. These changes are also paving the path for upcoming features such as Membership Levels and Variable Dues Calculations. 

So what does that mean? The short answer is, Membership Policies are going away. However, everything they controlled will still be available, just moved to the Membership Types themselves, which should be much more intuitive. This screenshot shows what you will soon see when you are on the Membership Types tab. The numbered circles correspond with the details written out below:

1) Using the add button, just like you had in the past, now brings up a shorter more general information screen to create the initial membership type.

2) The icons in this column are a quick visual indicator of whether the membership type is owned by the individual, organization, or family.

3) Clicking the name of the membership type will open up that same general information screen that was shown with clicking the add button. 

4) Clicking on the pricing, will bring up the same price editing fields you were used to before, just in a new simpler window. If no pricing has been set for your membership type, it will say "<no pricing>". 

5) The Directories/Benefits column will be were you click to setup your directories for each membership type. 

6) This is the number of all active and courtesy members in that membership type, just like you are used to seeing.

7) This fields icon will open up a dialog housing all of the fields you can display, not display and/or require on your membership application, including custom fields! Each membership type can have different variations.

These changes are planned to release approximately Tuesday, February 19th. There won't be anything that is needed on your end. The changes will happen automatically, and it will be a seamless transition. The only things you will notice will be the look of the Membership Types screen, and how easy adding and making edits will be in the future.

Publish Date : Feb. 7, 2019
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