New Event Registration Form Available

New Event Registration Form Available

New Event Registration Form Available

New Event Registration Form Available

We've added several great features that are only available if using our Event Registration Version 2 option. Learn more about those features and how to start utilizing them.

In 2019, we developed an updated version of our event registration form. This not only allowed us to clean up the code that was behind it, but also makes adding new features easier. We've added several great features that are only available if using our Event Registration Version 2 option. Those differentiating features are listed below . Instructions for how to check to see what version your event(s) are currently using and how to change it, is also indicated at the end of this document. 

Registration Form Overall Improvements:

  • Easier Registration for Attendees: Allow members easily register those that are associated to them in the database, and it automatically populates their information. Reducing Errors!
    NOTE: This option is available for those that are logged in or authenticated from the Info Hub. However, you can also set the ability to open this feature up to members who are authenticated via email match. This setting is available under Setup> Event Settings> Display Associated Individuals Upon Email Match.

  • Billing Contact Selection: Users will be able to select the billing contact that should be listed on the invoice.

  • Friendlier Messaging – We’ve improved the “Match not found” messaging for when a contact enters information into Step 1 of the event registration form, to be more friendly. See screenshot of new wording.

  • Staff Searching: Staff can search their database to add the attendees and information is automatically populated. Reducing Errors!

Event Custom Fields:

CUSTOM FIELDS CAN DISPLAY ON SPECIFIC REG TYPES (instead of all registration types):

Staff Members are able to tie custom fields to specific registration types, instead of being listed on all registration types. (this new setting is found under the advanced settings when creating a custom field in your event.) See where this is.


You can now pull in individual custom fields into your event’s registration form. When a contact comes to the registration form, as long as they are authenticated/matched (depending on your event validation settings), those individual custom fields will automatically populate with the information that is in your database for that contact.

For example, if you need to gather dietary restrictions for an upcoming event, when a member goes to register, we’ll already have populated that they are “Vegetarian”. This helps save the member from having to fill it out every time.  

This feature is perfect for information that doesn't change over time (e.g., whether a person uses left or right-handed golf clubs, dietary restrictions, etc...). If the field is used for personal or identifying information (e.g., a birthdate, a license number), we suggest having member registrations require a log-in. This can help ensure that this personal data, will only be exposed to them, as any data that's already set in your database for those fields will automatically populate if an attendee is authenticated/matched to a contact. Keep in mind too, that a member could potentially override the information that is populated.

For more info on how to set these fields up, visit our Support wiki.

Event Additional Items:

Within the event registration settings, we have recently added the ability to limit the number of additional items you have available to be sold (if no limit is required, entering a "zero" means unlimited). See where to set this up. Each additional item can have its own specific limit set. Once the limit is reached, the item will be marked with “sold out” on the event registration form.

You can now add Staff Only Additional Items to your event (both attendee and overall types). A couple of examples of how this feature could be used are:

  • If you have specific items you want just your staff members to have access to
  • On the day of the event an attendee wants to add an on-site Raffle Ticket or a Mulligans. Staff members would be able to add that registration item right from the mobile staff app.

Things to Note on Staff Only additional items: Staff members are able to go to the registration form, select the additional item, and then search for the member they are looking for. If they are purchasing this for a new contact, it is suggested that they go through impersonation to accomplish what they need.

Event Sponsors:

Using Event Version 2, when setting up your sponsor registration types, you will now see that there is a "is public" check box (Note: this checkbox is labeled with version 2 only). See where this is. When enabled, this will make that sponsor registration type display on the registration form. On the public form, just like when users select regular registration types, the sponsor types will act the same way. See an example registration form. 

How to Manage Which Version you are Using:

You will see there is an Event Version selector on an event-by-event basis. See where this is. This controls the single event that you are on.


We’ve made an overall event registration version setting, that allows you to set all the version default for all newly created events using this overall setting. It will not change current events, changing it would only effects new events created from that point on. You’ll find this setting within Setup> Event Settings. See a screenshot. All newly created tenants will have this defaulted to Version 2. If you want to change current events or events that are already created, you can do that manually by using the event-by-event basis setting mentioned above. If there are a large number of events that need to be changed, we may need to bring this up with our support team.

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