Software Updates: April 2019

Software Updates: April 2019

Software Updates: April 2019

Software Updates: April 2019

Learn about the new features added to your GrowthZone software in the last month.

In April, we implemented several new items on the GrowthZone platform. We've organized the following release notes by module/area of the software:

MEMBERSHIPS: VARIABLE DUES - You can now enable formula based pricing on your membership types. To do this, choose your membership type and go to the pricing screen> check the "Formula Based Pricing" check box> and you will now see a calculator symbol next to your price, which pops up a screen allowing you to customize your variable pricing.

Below are a couple high level examples of different formula setup options:

  • Membership pricing varies based on ONE variable input by the customer: See video example
  • Membership pricing varies on MULTIPLE variable inputs by the customer: See video example
  • Pricing for each level varies based on ONE variable input by the customer: See video example:

For all of the details on how to set this up, visit the support wiki's Variable Dues Calculations page.

FUNDRAISING: You are now able to donate on behalf of an Organization. On the fundraiser form, you will now see a checkbox that says "Donating on behalf of an organization". When you check this box, an organization field will appear. See what this looks like. If a staff member, is entering the donation, they will have a type ahead, when selecting the contact, will pre-populate their organization. If a user logs in, their organization will automatically populate once they enter their name on the form.

REPORTS - IN THE HUB: We have implemented the ability for Reports to be run from within the Info Hub. Based on user access level settings, this will allow for non-staff members to have reporting capabilities. You can even lock down the types of reports they have access to, by changing the access levels. Watch a video of how this works.

EVENTS - PARTIAL WRITE OFFS - When partially writing of an invoice within your event, you will now see on the Attendee Purchases tab, that just the invoice number is marked with a strikethrough (as opposed to how it was previously working, by striking out the whole line item). This helps staff members see at a glance that those invoices have been manipulated.

GROWTHZONE CMS: For those customers utilizing our GZCMS platform for your website, here are some additional updates to read through:

UPDATED WORDPRESS WORKFLOWS: With the recent release of WordPress 5.1, there are a couple workflow changes you will notice. The most noticeable and impactful changes are in 3 areas of your workflow:

SOCIAL SHARING ICONS: You can now allow your visitors to share your pages and blog posts to their social media accounts with the new Social Sharing Icons in the GZCMS Page Editor. This feature is easy to add within the page editor. View document on how to set this up.

MANAGING SEO: We’ve added to our Yoast SEO plugin- allowing you to customize and manage your SEO efforts even further. View document on how to dive in.

CUSTOM WEB FONTS: For those customers that are looking to utilize a custom web font on their GZCMS website, we’ve recently made it easier for GZ staff members, as well as advanced users, to get these uploaded and used. Wanting to give it a try yourself? Here are some instructions.

VIEW WEBINAR RECORDING: Many of the items listed above were showcased in our “What’s New with GZCMS?” product webinar that happened on April 18th. View the webinar recording.

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Publish Date : May 6, 2019

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