Software Updates: February 2019

Software Updates: February 2019

Software Updates: February 2019

Software Updates: February 2019

Learn about the new features added to your GrowthZone software in the last month.

In February, we implemented several new items on the GrowthZone platform. We've organized the following release notes by module/area of the software:


  • EDITING CONTACTS: You will now see that when editing contact information in the back office, the checkbox for "Update for other contacts that have this same..." is not checked by default. See a screenshot of this checkbox. This was a larger UserVoice item, and we appreciate all of your feedback!

  • CONTACT COMMUNICATIONWhen logging a note on a contact record, you now have more options for the type of note you are inputting. When clicking the "log a note" button on the communication tab of a contact/organization, it will automatically select "note" as the type, but you have more options in that drop down. Such as: Dropped By, Meeting, and Attempted Phone Call. These additional types can be filtered down in both communication reports as well as in the communications module filtering. See a screenshot of where to change the note type.

CUSTOM FIELDS: DESCRIPTIONS - You will now see that you can add rich text descriptions to your custom fields! Meaning you can even add links to the descriptions. For example, on the membership application, you could now have a question called "Contract Review" and add a hyperlink in the description. See a screenshot of what this looks like on the member application. These custom field descriptions will display on event registration forms, membership applications, and regular forms/surveys. To add a description to a new or existing custom field, when editing it, you will now see the description field. See a screenshot of this.


  • EMAILING FROM PENDING DELIVERY: When creating your own Billing email template (under Setup> Email Templates) and you include merge fields, you are now able to successfully send those email templates from Billing's Pending Deliver tab. So, now contact merge fields and even invoice number merge fields will pull in properly. This same thing is true for when sending out invoice email from the Sales/Invoices tab in Billing.

  • COVERLETTER TEMPLATE: You are able to pull in Primary Contact Address into the coverletter document generation template now. Here are the fields you will want to have in the template: 
    • UFContactDisplayName
    • UFContactPrimaryAddressAddress1
    • UFContactPrimaryAddressAddress2
    • UFContactPrimaryAddressCity
    • UFContactPrimaryAddressStateProvince
    • UFContactPrimaryAddressPostalCode

  • For more information on how to add merge fields to your document generation templates, visit the support wiki

WEB CONTENT: Content lists on public pages will now sort by viewable published date (or publish date, if viewable is not filled out), in order from newest to oldest (newest on top). Previously the content was listed out by creation date, which was not always accurate or desired.

EVENT SESSIONS: You can now more easily mark someone as "attended" for a session within your event. We've made the status of the session registrant a drop down, so you can select "attended" or "no show" depending on the registrant. Session registrants will automatically be marked as “unknown” which will leave them as registered. Here's a screenshot of where to do this. Note: You must have the Expo Module to allow for sessions within your event. If using in conjunction with the Certifications Module, staff need to mark session registrants as “attended” if they want to get credit for a certification component.

INFO HUB: We've added a tip on the directory listings page, for all members to see, letting them know where they are able to edit the contact information that is listed on the directory (including social media info). To edit organization or contact information, you will need to navigate to the contact/organization that you are related to. See screenshot of this tool tip.

MEMBERSHIPS: We have improved the Membership Types setup area of the software, and the changes that were made can now be seen on the Membership Type tab of your Membership Module.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • You have the ability to set a Payment Gateway on your Membership Type
  • No more Membership Policies. You now control those settings on the Membership Type (i.e. Allow Online Payment, Standard fields, & Custom fields.)
  • These changes are paving the way for upcoming features such as Membership Levels and Variable Dues/Dues Calculator.

The wiki has been updated to reflect all of the changes. See support wiki. We’ve also created a separate release notes page with more details. Click here for more details.

MEMBERSHIP TYPES: Some additional improvements that were included are:

  • FILTER OPTION - On the membership types tab, you'll now see a dropdown that allows you to just see active membership types. So for those customers that have many inactive types, this will be very helpful.

  • STRIKETHROUGH - Inactive membership types will be shown with strikethrough text to help signify at a glance that they are inactive


We have made some improvements to our Calendar Year Renewal and Prorated Memberships area of the software. In general, we now fully support the following scenarios:

Calendar Year Renewal with or without Prorate enabled is intended to work for memberships with a 12 month term and with standard frequency selections i.e. Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annual and Annual) (do not use with Once Per Term Frequency). 

Current Customers utilizing either the Calendar Year Renewal or the Prorating feature will want to take note of the specifics listed below:

  • Calendar Year Renewal Month specified, Prorate on, Monthly Frequency: When Renewal Month is specified on your membership type and Prorate is On with Monthly frequency specified, the upfront, initial charge/invoice includes the next month’s amount, so the applicant is always charged for something when they sign on.

    For Example: Renewal Month = January, Monthly Frequency, Prorate=On, $100/month

    A new member signs up in February. The new member will be invoiced $100 immediately (for March). The Next Scheduled Billing date will be in April for $100/monthly.

  • Calendar Year Renewal Month specified, Prorate Off, Frequency=Monthly, Quarterly or Semi-Annual: If you have the optional Renewal Month specified for a membership type with Prorate Off and frequency set to Monthly, Quarterly, or Semi-Annual all the previous months' charges will be included in the upfront, initial invoice/charge bill so the applicant is always up to date on the previous months when they sign on as these memberships are NOT being prorated.

    For Example: Renewal Month = January, Monthly frequency, Prorate=Off, $100/month

    New member signs up in April. The new member will be invoiced $400 (Jan – April). Next Scheduled Billing will be in May for $100/monthly

  • Calendar Year Renewal specified, Prorate=On, Custom Frequency: The new member will be charged for the amount that is appropriate for the frequency selected, i.e. Monthly would be a monthly amount, quarterly a partial quarterly amount, Semi-annual = a partial semi-annual amount.

This information can also be found in our online support wiki.

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Publish Date : March 1, 2019

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