Software Updates: July & August 2019

Software Updates: July & August 2019

Software Updates: July & August 2019

Software Updates: July & August 2019

Learn about the new features added to your GrowthZone software in the last two months.

In July and August, we implemented several new items on the GrowthZone platform. We've organized the following release notes by module/area of the software:   


OVERVIEW TAB: We have improved the look and functionality of your Billing Overview tab. See more details.

OVERPAYMENTS – On the billing tab of a contact, the overpayment amount will now show in the Detail column and not just in the Balance column. This helps to be consistent in how amounts are represented.  See where this is.

RUNNING UPCOMING BILLING: When clicking “Run Upcoming Billing”, the list of available months that can be billed, has been increased to include 4 additional months. This change is also consistent with the month filter option on the upcoming billing screen.


MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION ORG MATCH: You are now able to have new membership application submitters select their organization from a type ahead. See what this looks like. This can help in the applicant matching process. To allow this type ahead, on the membership application settings you can now enable “Display matches for Businesses”. See where this is.

MORE IMPROVEMENTS TO COME! We are working on many membership module improvements that will roll within the next month

EXPIRATION DATES AUTO ADVANCING: Starting now, the expiration date will automatically advance to the next expiration date for you after it has been paid or a credit applied (either full or partial). Expiration dates are able to be viewed/edited by clicking the Membership on the Contact's Profile tab and then click the last Membership History items. See where this is.



EVENT WRITE OFFS: You can now easily create a write off from the event Attendees tab. There is a new option, under the attendee’s action button, labeled “Create Write Off”, and its available to those with unpaid invoices. See what this looks like. This will prevent staff members from having to jump back and forth between the event and the contacts billing tab.

TIMEZONE: You are now able to set the timezone on an event-by-event basis. Now added to the hours/time setup area of your event, you’ll see a timezone dropdown to select from. See where this is. Once selected, the time zone will display (i.e. (PST)) anywhere the event information does, including the event registration form, the event details page. We have also made sure that the iCal file you can download from various spots to add it to your calendar, will also honor the timezone selected in the event. If no time zone is selected, it will just default to the tenant’s timezone. 

SESSION FEES: You are now able to add fees to event sessions! Available with Event Registration Version 2, you’ll see that you can add a goods/service item, upon creation of the session. See what this looks like. Here is what that looks like when the registrant selects those sessions in the registration form. Reach out to our support team for more information on getting switched to Event Registration V2.

V2 CUSTOM FIELDS: With Event Registration Version 2, you are able to select custom fields to be shown on certain registration types. We’ve improved it so that now, you can add multiple registration types to display those custom fields.  

EVENT VERSION 2 SETTING: If looking to set all of your future events to Event Registration Version 2, we’ve recently added an overall version setting for this. You’ll find that within Setup> Event Settings. See a screenshot. That controls all newly created events. If needing the version changed on an existing event, please reach out to our support team.

SESSION/BOOTH LOCATIONS: You are now able to edit the location of both Sessions (in the setup of Event Sessions) and Booths (in Booth Configurations, under Setup). When you select a location in either of these two mentioned areas, you’ll now see the edit icon appear next to your dropdown choice (previously you could add more options, but not edit). See an example screenshot.

ALL DAY EVENT: We have now made it so when an event is marked as an “all day” event, the time will not display, just the date.

NEW EVENT OVERVIEW REPORT: We’ve now created a new report for staff members to compare events overall. You’ll find this report under the events category and titled “Events Overview Report”.


INVOICE ORDER: In the Info Hub, we have recently changed it so that Invoices are displayed oldest first (previously it was showing the newest first). This will help end users see the invoices that are the most important to them, first.

MEMBERSHIP START DATE: When owned by an Org, the membership’s start date will now properly show to users in the Membership Info section on the Info Hub (previously, this was only showing for individual owned memberships)


RECEIPT: With the work we’ve done to incorporate digital downloads (currently in Beta), we have also improved all store items purchased to now receive an receipt via email. This will automatically be sent to the store item purchaser. See what this email looks like.  


CONFIRMING SUBSCRIPTION: When allowing for public subscriptions on a web content list, users will now see the message saying, “Thank you! Please check your email inbox to confirm your subscription.” Without this message, it wasn’t clear users needed to confirm their subscription though an email being sent to them.


PREVIEW EMAIL: You will now see that from most send email screens, there is now a "preview email" button at the top. See example. Clicking this, opens up simple email address input screen that allows you to easily send a test of your email to yourself, or others. Note: if testing merge fields, you will want to ensure you have an individual in the TO field of the email (even if temporary). This allows the database to have information to merge from. There is text on the preview send screen explaining this. 

MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION RECEIPT: We have improved the message that a member receives after completing the membership application, including a link to the receipt, and more. See the new process below, depending on the Auto Approve setting (found under Memberships> Membership Application tab> Choose application> "Automatically Approve Applications" checkbox):

  • Auto Approve Enabled: When a member pays for a membership through the application process, they will now receive a link to the receipt in the confirmation email (email template: Membership Application Confirmation Email).

  • Auto Approve NOT Enabled: The member will still get the confirmation email after submitting (the receipt link will not be displayed), then once a staff member approves their membership, the member will receive a second email (email template: Membership Application Approved) letting them know their membership has been approved, and includes the link to their receipt.

One thing to note, if you have already made a copy of the Membership Application Confirmation Email for customizing purposes, this new receipt link will not be embedded into your copied template. You will need to make a new copy of the seeded in template, to utilize this new code we have added.


MEMBERSHIP TOTAL DISTRIBUTION WIDGET: You will now see that the Membership Total Distributions dashboard widget will display the distribution of levels (if applicable) when you hover over a segments of your pie chart. This can be a great at a glance view for organizations that are utilizing the Levels feature. See an example of this.

MEMBERSHIP WIDGETS: On both the "Overall Organization Statistics" and the "Membership Type Distribution" widgets, under the edit widget screen, you now have the option to enable "Include Only Zero Balance Memberships". This allows staff members to see only those active memberships that are paid up in full.


BETTER CATEGORIZATION: While the search within the reporting module has remained the same, we have now organized the billing reports into five categories:

  • Billing - Accounting General Ledger
  • Billing - Banking
  • Billing - Collections
  • Billing - Credit Card Processing
  • Billing - Historical and Banking

You will see these new categories in the filter dropdown on the top of the reports page. Any customized/saved reports that you have created will be in the respective categories, based on the base report you saved from.

CONTACTS & UNSUBSCRIBED CONTACTS REPORTS: We’ve now added the “Do Not Contact” as a field to display. This allows you to see who in your database is marked as “Do Not Contact” (A contact can “unsubscribe from all communication” on the unsubscribing preferences page from a mass email sent to them out of GZ. Selecting that sets that email address as “do not contact”.)

RECURRING BILLING REPORT: We’ve added the ability to pull in Custom Org fields and Custom Individual Fields as Fields to Display, Criteria and Summarize by.

DIRECTORY CONTACT REPORT: Now has "Show as Related or Primary Contact in Directory" as a field to display and filter by. This will help customers view and manage whether a person appears on their company’s directory listing.

CUSTOM FIELDS TOTAL: Integer and Money custom fields that are added as fields to display in various reports, will now properly show a total at the bottom of the column.

NEW EVENT OVERVIEW REPORT: We’ve now created a new report for staff members to compare events overall. You’ll find this report under the events category and titled “Events Overview Report”.


CENSUS DOCUMENT: You are now able to Download or Email a report of all information regarding your memberships organization's and their contacts. A great example of why you may use this feature, would be to send out an annual census report allowing members to see the information the database has, and make edits if needed. To start using this feature, go to your Contacts module> Actions (orange)> and choose either Download Census or Email Census. Both options allow you to filter down to certain membership types or a renewal month, and select the document generation template. We have seeded in a census document, but it can be copied and modified to meet your exact needs (under Setup> document generation). Downloading will create one large document (NOTE: depending on the size of document, this could take up to an hour to generate. Best practice would be to select smaller segments of members). Emailing will attach a unique pdf for each member and send to the membership owner.

IMPROVED FILTERING: To reduce any confusion, the "Filter" function within a contacts More Info area now has clearer messaging. First, we have changed the wording to say "Search Additional Info". Second, the filter itself only shows if there are more than 10 custom fields displayed. This has been implemented in both the back office and info hub. This feature is meant to be a quick search for the custom fields on that contact, and ideally helps associations that have many custom fields, get to the information they are looking for quicker.

We now have better Country display support for customers that have members in various countries.

  • DISPLAYING COUNTRY ON PROFILE: We have implemented the ability to display the country field within the contact module (see what this looks like on contact profiles and the all contacts screen-grid view). If your association has contacts that are located in a variety of countries, you’ll find this feature very beneficial. We’ve added a setting for this. To turn this on, go to Setup> General Settings, and select the “display country on contacts module” checkbox.

  • DISPLAYING COUNTRY ON LISTING: The member’s listing and search results on the public directory can now show their selected country as well. Select the Country field on the Directory Display Settings. See where this is.

  • MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION: If the Country is selected to be displayed on the membership application, it will now show BEFORE the State/Province field so that the correct State/Province choices will be displayed since the Country field dictates which State/Province choices display. See what this looks like.
  • CUSTOMIZED SEARCH: We have added the country field to the Customized search results screen. See where this is.

  • INTERNATIONAL PHONE NUMBER: When you start typing in an international number (typing “+1”) the software will recognize it as a phone number. See where this is.

CONTINUING EDUCATION: (formerly known as Certifications)

We have made some improvements to how Continuing Education and Events work together. We are on a mission to improve the experience both for users and staff!  See some of the initial improvements that are now live:

  • AUTO ENROLL – We have now enabled the Auto Enroll feature by default. The setting can be found under Setup> Continuing Education, general settings. See where this is.

  • AUTO ENROLLING NEW CONTACTS – We have now made sure that after a contact is matched (via the matching icons on the event attendee tab) they are “auto enrolled” (previously, only contacts that were an exact match would be auto enrolled).

  • COMPONENT COMPLETED EMAIL - When an attendee is marked as Attended in an event, they will automatically be sent a Component Completed certification, via email. Meaning they will get the certificate for attending the event or session automatically. The document generation template can be selected on a component-by-component basis. If you do not want to send this particular document, you can choose to not send under Setup> Automated Messages.  

  • UPDATED TEMPLATE LOOK - The Continuing Education Units document generation template has gotten an update in its look/style. See an example of this new look. To access or edit this pre-seeded template, go to Setup> Document Generation> select, ContinuingEducationUnits.docx.

  • COMPONENT CERTIFICATION AVAILABLE – The certification a user would gain from a session or from and event is now also easily accessible for Staff members from the back office (see where this is). End users are able to access and download the same document from the info hub (see where that is).

    • We have now added contact account number and individual custom fields as optional merge fields to the Certification Component Certificate. (merge field info to be placed in template are: UFCertificationContactAccountNumber, and UFCertificationContactCustomFieldName).

    • We’ve also added contact account number and certification expiration date to the Certification Certificate (merge field info to be placed in template are: UFCertificationContactAccountNumber, and UFCertificationExpirationDate).

The GrowthZone Continuting Education Module is premium module, available for adding on to an existing package. For more details on how to obtain this module, contact


MEDIA LIBRARY LIST VIEW: You will now see, when accessing your GZCMS Media Library, a new list view of the images you have utilized in your site. See what this looks like. You can easily switch back and for between views by clicking the grid icon (which is what was previously the default view).

FILE NAME IMPROVEMENTS: When uploading an image, you are no longer able to unintentionally add an image with the same name. Upon upload, it will give you an error message saying that you need to rename your file. This will help ensure that you don’t unintentionally override images with new files. If you don’t want to keep the old file, you have the option to permanently delete it.

BLANK TEMPLATES:  You can now apply a ‘blank template” to a new page. See where this is. This allows you to create a page with no styling. Note, to edit said page, you’ll need to use Standard Editor. Page editor will not apply for blank template pages.

Needing to look at an updated site soon? Reach out to for more information, or visit our website to view a gallery of templates to choose from. 

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Publish Date : Aug. 30, 2019

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