Software Updates: June 2018

Software Updates: June 2018

Software Updates: June 2018

Software Updates: June 2018

Learn about the new features added to your GrowthZone software so far this month.

So far this month, we have implemented a number of new items on the GrowthZone platform. We've organized the following release notes by module: 


  • Event Confirmation Email:
    Staff members can now choose whether or not the registrant should receive an event confirmation email! When a staff member is registering someone from the back office, they will have a checkbox at the bottom of the registration form that says "Send event confirmation email to registrant" (screenshot: This will be checked by default (so it will send one, unless unchecked). We received this item from UserVoice. Thank you for the votes and feedback!

  • Event Login Improvements:
    When registering for an event, we've better organized Step One for users. We've now changed it so the user fills in email address first, and they are then able to use the search box to see if their email address is recognized. Here is how this looks now:


  • Saved Reports: 
    We strive to continually improve our reporting capabilities, to give you more flexibility when it comes to your data.  With a few of the recent improvements we've implemented you may notice that some of your previously saved reports will need to have their filters reselected . Once your chosen filters are reselected, you can click save on your report and continue to utilize it.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Please know, we are working toward a solution that will allow us to improve our reports without disrupting saved reports.

  • Contact Report:
    The Contacts Report is now better able to pull addresses for contacts. You can now specifically pull one mailing address and one physical address. For cases where there are multiple addresses for an organization or individual, there is quite a bit of logic that goes on behind the scenes to determined the best one to pull into the report.

  • Contact and Membership Reports: 
    All membership reports and all contact reports now have a filter (as well as a field to display) called "Membership Category". So you can now easily filter by Membership Categories.

  • Accounting Transaction and Sales by Account Reports:
    Now when viewing these reports, the Saleable Item Description has the discount name appended to the front if there was a discount applied. This will help staff users see if a discount was applied, as before it was difficult to know.

BILLING: Organizations now have the ability to pay all invoices from the contacts related to their organization at one time. To do this, backoffice staff members must be on an organization's profile (will not be available from contact's profile)> go to the billing tab> click the orange action button> and choose either "Enter Check/Payment" or "Charge Credit Card" . On either of those screens you need to check the "Advanced" settings checkbox, and you will then see a "Display related contacts' invoices" checkbox. There you can select which invoices (or all) you would like to include in the payment. Here is a long video (no sound) of the developer walking through the new functionality. See a video on how this works:

CHAPTERS: If your association has the GrowthZone Chapters module, you can now easily see your members' assigned chapters in a new Chapters section on the contact and/or organization’s profile tab. Not only can you assign chapters within your membership, but you will also have the ability to add or remove them when not tied to the membership. See a video on how this works:  

INFO HUB: When creating a link (under Setup> Websites> Info Hub Setting> Links Tab), you now have the ability to give your custom left hand navigation Info Hub links an icon!

To add an icon, you will need to visit Watch this video for more details

The following bullet points refer to the Info Hub section in User Access. To find these settings, go to Setup> User Access> choose the access level you want to edit or create new> then select "custom" in the dropdown for Info Hub.

  • "None" means it won't be shown 
    When customizing a user access level for the Info Hub, choosing "None" in the dropdown of a specific area means that section will no longer be visible to the end users with that access level.

  • We removed "No Choice" (only for Info Hub user access settings)
    Choosing "custom" on the Info Hub user access settings, you'll notice that all of those areas listed will need to be set, as they will be set to "none" at first. This is because we've removed the "no choice" option from the custom area, to remove confusion for customers. (Previously set user access levels will function as they did.)

  • Resources and Referrals new control location
    The ability to "hide" or "show" the Referrals section (that was previously located under Setup> Info Hub Settings) is now controlled right from the custom area in user access.  Resources is now set the same way, under custom user access setup. See a screenshot of where to change this now:

  • Access to Account Tab is now separate from Related tabs
    In the Info Hub, the Account Tab now has separate user access level control from the Related Businesses/Related Contacts tabs (and Related Families if applicable). In user access, you will see "Individual Account Info" and "Organization Account Info" which are the two areas that control that Account tab, and you will see "Related Contact Info" which controls the related tabs. See where to find this: This gives staff members the ability to set individuals at a higher level for Account while still locking down the Related tabs if they are needing to prevent unauthorized users from potentially editing business information.

  • Payment Profile area more accessible
    In the Hub, users should now be able to edit their Payment Profile, located on the Account tab. We've now reduced the permissions needed to edit stored payment profile info. So as long as the Account tab is set to "View" or higher for a user, the Payment Profile area is accessible.

  • Implemented a view only icon (an eyeball)
    There were times when a user had "view" access to an area in the hub, but they still had the orange pencil icon (although they weren't able to edit). This was causing confusion. To fix this, users with view access to certain areas will now see an eyeball icon instead. Making it clearer that they can view it, but won't be able to edit. 

SECURITY QUESTIONS: You now have the ability to provide an optional password reset challenge question. This can be enabled under Setup> Login Settings> and check the box for "enable password reset challenge".) If enabled by association staff members, the next time members log into the Info Hub, they will be asked to set a challenge question(see list of 3 below). Once the member sets it and saves it, they would be prompted to answer that question if in the future they needed to reset their password. The security question options users will have to choose from are:

  • What was the name of your favorite pet?
  • What was the name of your elementary school?
  • What was the name of your childhood best friend?


  • Renewed Membership Widget:
    The "Renewed Memberships" dashboard widget has been removed, as we have discovered it to be inaccurate. That said, we are working on a plan to get that dashboard widget to work correctly in the future.

  • Overall Memberships Widget:
    The "Overall Memberships Statistics" dashboard widget will no longer show just its renewal number statistic, for the same reason as above, inaccuracy. That widget will at this time only display the three statistics of: Active, New, and Dropped. We apologize for any inconvenience. 

NEW INTEGRATION: You now have the ability to sync contacts with HigherLogic! We sync (or push) our contact information based on the list/committee you choose. To set this up, find "HigherLogic" in the Integrations section of Setup, enable, and enter the Tenant Code that HigherLogic provides you. Then on the lists/committees of your choosing check the "Synchronize Contacts with authorized third party newsletter solution".

MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION/CHAPTERS: When your association has a longer list of Chapters for users to be able to choose on the member application (anything more than 10), it will not become a mulit-select dropdown.

CONTENT EDITOR: When adding an image into the WYSIWYG editor (emails, web content, and really anywhere you have the rich text editor) you can now have that image be a hyperlink! Just insert and image and click on it. That will pop up editing options including making the image a hyperlink.

WEB CONTENT: For web content links put in the left hand navigation of the Info Hub, we now have a default icon placed in there. Users have the ability to change it, but this allows them to have something to fall back on if they don't have a icon in mind yet.

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Publish Date : June 21, 2018

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