Software Updates: June 2019

Software Updates: June 2019

Software Updates: June 2019

Learn about the new features added to your GrowthZone software in the last month.

In June, we implemented several new items on the GrowthZone platform. We've organized the following release notes by module/area of the software:  

FREQUENCIES: Flexible Payment options is now available! See a screenshot. This allows you to:

  1. Setup different options for the frequency at which your members wish to be billed i.e. monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually
  2. Configure whether invoicing and/or credit card/ACH payment is an option for a selected frequency.
  3. Set a percentage increase or decrease for the selected frequency.

You'll also now find the "Hide on Invoice" checkbox under the "Billing options" link next to each recurring fee item (see a screenshot), along with 2 other NEW checkboxes:

  1. “Pay up-front” - A certain fee among all the membership fee not be collected monthly, although the rest can be.
  2. “Do not adjust” - A certain fee may be excluded from the Price Change % amount on the frequency selections. Used when certain fees are set at a fixed price.

If you’d like to start using any of these new options, modify your membership type with the desired changes so it will begin to take effect going forward. Note: For staff members that have the custom frequency drop-down in place already, your frequency options will show on page 2 of your membership application in the payment section (instead of page 1). 

All of this is documented in the Support Wiki.

RESTRICTING MEMBERSHIPS: When we create a membership type, we indicate whether the type is of Individual or Organization. We recently rolled out a change, so that when staff go to assign the membership in the back office, they will only see membership types that are associated with that contact type. (i.e. Individuals can only be assigned Individual owned membership types, same with Orgs can only be assigned Org owned membership types). This will not only eliminate human error, but also helps stay consistent with how the membership application works.

AUTOMATED TEMPLATES: You now have the capability to turn off a specific automated message from being sent. For example, if you do not want the event confirmation email to be sent out (from any event) you can now go to Setup> Automated Messages, and check the appropriate box in the newly added "Do Not Send" column. See where this is. NOTE: If not checked, most automated email messages will send a default email template, EVEN IF there is no template selected. So, with this new checkbox, you are able to override it to not send. Keep in mind, this can be done temporarily too, once unchecked emails will start sending again.

NEWSLETTER CATEGORY: Newsletters sent out through the newsletters tab within communications, will now going forward be categorized with the type of "Newsletter", which will help when filtering down the communication browse tab using the customize results or pulling a communications report. It will also properly provide the Communication Stats screen icon for those newsletter emails.

DEFAULT STATEMENTS: Previously, there were 2 statement types that could be created in document generation, "Default Statement" and "Statements", which was causing confusion. To address this, we have made it so there is now only one document generation type of "Statement", and all previous templates that were categorized as "default statement" are now "Statements".

MODULE RELATED TEMPLATES: To help further clean-up merge fields and email templates, we have hidden module specific email templates, when those specific modules are not enabled at the tenant level. See list below:

  • Certification type email templates should only be visible when the Certification Module is enabled.
  • Fundraising type templates should only be viable when the Fundraising Module is enabled.
  • Sales Prospecting type email templates should only be visible when the Sales Funnel module is enabled.

THIRD PARTY/EXTERNAL PROCESSORS: If a customer has a Third-Party External Payment Processor gateway selected, we now once again allow the payment date to be edited on the Enter Credit Card screen (Contact> orange actions button> Enter Credit Card.) This is needed when they are using an external payment processor and want to record a payment in the database. All other gateways will keep the payment date locked down.

You will now see, when editing access levels under setup, that "Custom" is no longer in the dropdown to select. For the Info Hub area (as well as the Certifications area) there is now a checkbox to "Set Custom Access for Specific Area(s)". See where this is. This is the new "custom". The reasoning behind this change, was to close a gap that our access levels previously had. 

The content subscribe option is now available to be displayed on web content pages when using public module v2. See screenshot. Allow Public Access and Allow Public Subscribers need to be enabled on your web content, in order to display this option.

Now, the primary contact will be displayed first, and then the rest of the related contacts (if applicable) will display alphabetically by last name.

For the majority of those that are utilizing our Certifications Module, you will now see that the term "Certifications" will be replaced by "Continuing Education". Recent research and feedback has led to the decision that renaming the certification module in the software would be a better fit for the larger portion of our customers. These changes will happen in the following areas: The backoffice left-hand navigation, the module's overview screen, related reports, the Info Hub left-hand navigation, events/event sessions, etc.

Custom fields that have dropdown selections now expand to show longer titles. Before | After 


  • Event Attendees Report - We have added Prefix, Suffix, First, Middle, Common and Last Name, as well as Designations fields as fields to display/filter by/summarize by
  • Contacts Report - we have added "Gender" and “Tax Set" as fields to display field as a field to display/filter by/summarize by. We have also added Company Description and Short Description related to their directory listing.
  • GZ Pay Transfers Details Report - we have added the "Fee Name" field (which is Saleable item) as a field to display/filter by/summarize by.
  • All Reports -  When using the column headers to sort, please know, the columns cycle through 3 options, “Ascending”, “Descending”, and “None”, so you should see the same results every 3 clicks.

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Publish Date : June 1, 2019

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