Software Updates: March 2019

Software Updates: March 2019

Software Updates: March 2019

Learn about the new features added to your GrowthZone software in the last month.

In March, we implemented several new items on the GrowthZone platform. We've organized the following release notes by module/area of the software:

MEMBERSHIP LEVELS: We now support Levels functionality within Membership Types. If you have similar membership types that differentiate only by price (i.e. General Membership (1-10 Employees), (11-25 Employees), (26-50), etc.), levels may be a great feature for your association.

WHAT'S DIFFERENT? Not only can Levels help clean up and organize you membership application for end users, but it can also be nice for staff members when it comes to manually applying memberships and when running reports.  Watch a short video on some of the benefits to using levels. Keep in mind this is completely optional feature -- if your current setup of your membership types is working well for you, you don't need to do anything -- we simply want to keep you informed of the new features available to you. 

SETUP: You will now see a Levels column in the Membership Types tab. Clicking on the "<no levels>" link will open up a screen that allows you to set up your various levels. For all of the details on how to setup levels, see the support wiki.

CONVERTER TOOL: If you are needing to convert your current membership types into levels, we have created a conversion tool that maps your memberships to your newly created levels. Instructions on best practices for using the converter tool, can be found in the wiki.


HIDE ON INVOICE: When creating a one-off invoice, you will now see the Hide on Invoice checkbox for each fee item you add. This functionality previously only existed within the Membership Types pricing screen.  

EMAIL/PRINT ALL INVOICES: When attempting to email invoices from Billing > Sales/Invoices tab> Actions, Email Invoices/Statements, the table of invoices that is presented on that screen only pulls in the first 500 invoices (even if using the check all checkbox). This was a problem for some customers that were trying to email more than 500 invoices. As a temporary solution, we have implemented a checkbox that says "Ignore List Below And Send All". When this checkbox is enabled it will send all open invoices (even those beyond 500). See what this looks like. This same checkbox has been implemented on the Print invoices screen, found under Billing> Sales/Invoices tab> Actions, Print Invoices. print ALL invoices (using the the Print Invoices dialog, found in the billing module), if needed. We are continuing to improving this area. 

REFUND ALREADY ISSUED BY PROCESSOR: When issuing a refund for a payment made by credit card, a new option is available “Refund already issued by processor.” See where this is. This option records a refund on the GZ side without a refund being issued back to the purchaser on the processor sider. This is useful when a credit card dispute is lost and the processor automatically refunds the money back to the purchaser as no refund is automatically reflected on the GZ side and must be done manually. Checking the box “Refund already issued by processor” will allow the transaction to be properly refunded so income is not overstated.


PRORATE - SELECTION OF DAY OF MONTH: Memberships that have Prorate Partial Years enabled will now be charging applicants that join on the 1st - 15th of the month for the full month. Applicants joining after the 15th will receive the current month for free but will be charged for the next term. Previously this happened for anyone after the 1st of the month. In addition, Staff can change this cutoff day of the month by selecting the Prorate Cutoff Day under Setup > Membership Settings. See where this is.


SORT ORDER IMPROVEMENTS: You are now able to set the default sort order for web content on a list-by-list basis, and it will be applied to both the Info Hub and your Public Pages.  Sort order choices are Newest to Oldest(default), Oldest to Newest, or Random. To set this up, go to Web Content> On the Setup tab, select your list name> choose from the dropdown to set the default sort order. See where this is

SORT ORDER FOR DIRECTORIES: When associations have multiple directories, there may be a specific order that they want those to display in the Info Hub. You can now set that on your directory settings, utilizing the new “Display Order” integer field. See where this is. 1 be shown on top, 2 would be below that, 3 below that, and so forth.  The default value will be set to Zero, and if some have zero and some have values, the directories with Zero will be first.


RECURRING EVENT EDITING: Previously editing recurring events did not always give the expected results. We have implemented a few changes to make editing recurring events easier!          

  • New Event Series Editing Screen: You will now see a gray box on the top of your Event Overview tab. This box not only helps indicate that this event is apart of a series, but also contains a link that will open up a new dialog screen specially designed to made edits to all of the events in the series. See where this is.
  • Editing ONE event in a series: When you make a change to one of the settings on the Overview Tab (Event Image/icon, Name, Description, Category, Calendar, LocationName, LocationAddress, Location Description, Contact Info, Pricing Description, Images, and Videos) that will update that one event, and break it away from the series. For example, if you have a Business After Hours recurring event, and you need to change the location of the May 1st event, you would simply change the location of the May 1st event, and the other events in the series remain unchanged. When editing the series after that, you will see a message at the top, saying the May 1st event is no longer part of the series, so it won't be edited. See a screenshot of this.
  • NOTE: Changes made to the Attendee Setup tab, will effect ALL events. We have put a message top of the Attendee Tab as well, to help make this clear.

EVENT REG TYPES: From the back office, you are now able to see at a glance your registration type limits that are set, as well as how many registrations there are for each type. There have been 2 columns added to the Registrations Types area of the Attendee Setup Tab. See a screenshot of this.

UPDATING REGISTRATIONS: We have made it easier to edit existing event registrations for both staff members and end users. Previously you were only able to edit your registration from the link in the event confirmation email. Now, end users can access this via an “update registration” button in their Info Hub, as well. See where this is. And, Staff members can access this same screen within the event attendee tab. See where this is.

SESSIONS: Previously, when you had event sessions tied to specific registration types, those session time slots would appear on all registration types (but with nothing to select in the dropdowns). We have improved this user experience! Event Sessions that are not available for a registration type, will not display an empty timeslot. (The Event Sessions feature is part of our Event Expo Module. If you don't already have this module, and are interested in adding it, please reach out to our support team.)

CERTIFICATIONS – AUTO-ENROLL: To prevent users from having to enroll in a certification AND register for an event, we have now added a feature that will automatically enroll users into a certification, upon submitting the event registration form. To turn this on, go to Setup> Certifications General Settings> check the box for “Enroll Attendees To All Relevant Certifications”. 

  • Note: At this time, only registrants that are existing contacts in the database will be automatically enrolled in the certification. Hidden contacts, or contacts matched after the fact, will not be automatically enrolled. Users that register for an event that is tied to multiple certifications (i.e. 6 sessions each pointing to 6 different certification components), will be enrolled in all 6 of those certifications.

  • The use of Certifications is only available with our Certifications Module enabled. For more information, reach out to our support team.

EVENT CONFIRMATION EMAILS: When a staff member registers a users and chooses not to send a confirmation email (via the checkbox available to staff on the event reg form), we now record that for reference if needed later. See what this looks like.  

You are now able to re-order the Tasks in a Project Template, and that display order will be honored when applying a project template to a contact/org. To do this, access your project templates, and drag and drop your tasks into the desired order. All newly applied project templates will have tasks displayed in that order. 

STORE: We have now added the ability to have the Store Module (and all store purchases), point to a different payment gateway. To set this payment gateway, go to Store> Settings Tab> Select different payment gateway. See a screenshot. If no payment gateway is selected, it will utilize the default payment gateway.


  • Payment Processing Report now has Failure Reason as a field to display.
  • Contacts Report no longer errors when selecting a list/committee filter. Also, just in this report, when Role is selected as a field to display the contact’s roles (if multiple) will be listed out like so: “List Name 1 - Role 1, List Name 2 - Role 2,…”etc.
  • Transactions by Contact Report is now properly displaying Membership Types, when added as a field to display.
  • The Event Attendee Report is properly populating the data when Org custom fields are included.
  • Directory Contact Report is now accurately returning all members of the directory specified.

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Publish Date : 4/1/2019

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