Software Updates: May 2019

Software Updates: May 2019

Software Updates: May 2019

Software Updates: May 2019

Learn about the new features added to your GrowthZone software in the last month.

In May, we implemented several new items on the GrowthZone platform. We've organized the following release notes by module/area of the software: 


EMAIL TEMPLATES: We have recently made a change to only allow specific types of Email Templates to be used in their designated areas. For example, Event Type email templates are now the only templates available to select when emailing users from within an event. See where this is. Same goes for Billing Module and the Communications Module. This not only ensures merge fields won’t be used in the wrong places (causing blank merge fields), but it will also help reduce the list of available email templates that are available to choose from (depending on area). To help further eliminate frustrations, we’ve removed "automated system email templates" from the email template dropdowns. Automated system email templates will still be editable, under Setup> Email Templates, but you won't be able to send them manually. The merge fields included in those system templates, only merge correctly at the time the system sends (automatically).  

CC/BCC RECIPIENTS BETTER RECORDED: We now are properly recording whether a contact was CC'd or BCC'd on an email communication. You will now see in the various areas where email recipients are displayed, that we will denote who was CC'd and BCC'd. See what this looks like for previewing an email. When clicking in to see recipients, we've added a new column to show type (i.e. To, Cc, or Bcc). See what this looks like.

SUPPRESSION LISTS: When sending out an email (either from list committees, communication, or other email areas), you will now see the ability to suppress a list/committee. Meaning, you select a list/individuals to send to, and you can also select (suppress) the list/individuals you don’t want to send to. See where this is. For example, maybe you want to send a discount offer to all of your members, but you want to exclude the members that already have a lowered rate (to avoid too much discounting). This is now possible using the suppression capability.

COMMUNICATION TYPE: You will now see a "Type" column in communications history table, both from the Communications module or from an org/contact's communication tab. This new column allows you to see what type of communication it was (i.e. Email, Note, Automated Generated Email, etc). See a screenshot of where this is.

NEWSLETTER DRAFTS: When going back in to edit your newsletter drafts, you can access them now in two ways. Either from the Newsletters tab of the Communication module, and selecting the draft of choice in the dropdown (see where this is). Or, the other option would be to go to the Drafts tab of the Communication module, and click the title of the desired draft (see where this is). Once clicked, you will then be brought to the newsletter module with that draft opened and ready to edit.



EVENT REMINDER EMAIL: We have added the users QR code to the Event Reminder email. So, no matter which email they bring/reference at check-in (their event confirmation email or their event reminder email), they will be able to easily be checked in with a quick scan of our GrowthZone Staff App.

LEVEL DISCOUNT: When creating a membership discount within an event, you are now able to select which level of the membership type can utilize the discount. See where this is. This helps add additional granularity to your level-based memberships, when needed. However, your level selection in optional, in the event you want to have everyone with that membership type receive the discount.

EXHIBITOR REGISTRATION FORM: The box behind the login area of the exhibitor registration form is no longer blue in color. We have lessened the attention that is brought to the area, by making the background gray. See screenshot.

LOGIC ADDED: To help make the settings for list/committees easier to understand, we’ve added logic to the checkboxes that appear when deciding where a list/committee will be displayed. To make it available to others, you will have to first select the “Public Allowed to View List” checkbox. This will then open up further options under the Hub Display Options. Selecting “Users Allowed to View List” will then give you the option to allow “Contacts on List can view other Contacts.” The same logic is used with “Public can join”. See a quick video of where this is (no audio).

VIEW CONTACTS ON LIST – FROM THE INFO HUB: Now when you have the “contacts on list can view other contacts” check box selected (see where this is), those contacts who are on the list will see a people icon, under My Subscriptions, giving them the ability to see who is on that particular list (see what this looks like).


IMPROVED BILLING TAB LAYOUT: We have moved some sections around on the Billing tab, within the My Info section of the Info Hub. See a screenshot of the new look. Nothing has changed functionally, just re-arranged to help keep important items on top. We’ve moved the Balances section to the top of the screen, and placed the Payment Profiles section to the right of that. Following that is the Open Invoices section, then next down the page is Scheduled Billing, and finally, as it was before, Billing History on the bottom.

PAY NOW BUTTON: At the top of the Billing tab (in the Info Hub), we’ve added a “Pay Now” button. This is to help make it clearer when there is an action needed from the user. This pay now button will only show if you have an open invoice that you need to pay. Note: The pay now button will not appear at all for those tenants that have multiple gateways set up.

MEMBERPLUS APP: The MemberPlus App is now available for GrowthZone customers to download and login to. This FREE app, allows members to access their Info Hub from the palm of their hand! Available in both the Apple and Google Play stores. Simply search "MemberPlus" to find it. Once downloaded, users are able to login in with their regular Info Hub credentials. For more information, and to encourage your members to download the MemberPlus App, view document.

CONTACTS: On the profile tab of an organization, when viewing the contacts that are associated with an org, you will now see that these are listed in alphabetical order, by last name. The Primary contact will stick to the top of the list (regardless of alpha order). The primary contact will remain bolded.

SETUP: There is now version column in the GrowthZone Pages screen, to help you see at a glance which public module version your pages are running. See where this is.

FUNDRAISING: You now have the ability to delete and edit donations (if needed). You'll see that we have added a reference number column to the Donation Activity tab of your fundraising campaigns. See where this is. When you click on the reference number you are now given more options to edit donation invoices. If the donation was already paid, you can easily create a refund from that invoice screen, and then use the actions icon to then delete the donation entirely. So overall, the improvements made, allow you to delete a donation that has been paid, unpaid, refunded and voided.


  • Contacts and Membership Report: We've added "Assigned Staff" as a field to display and a filter to use.
  • Event attendee report: We've added a simple "Attendee Membership Types" field to display, that will display the name of membership type(s) in one column. Currently this report also allows you to select individual membership types as fields to display, which will have a column for each one you choose. It will then show the status of that members membership.
  • NEW TRANSFER DETAILS REPORT: With the new GZ Pay Transfers Details Report [Beta], you have the ability to see all the cards that were processed on a given day. For example, to see all the charges from 3/5/2019, select a main date range criteria of something broad (like “This Year”), and then add Charge Date in the additional criteria and select between 3/5/2019 and 3/5/2019. Run the report to see the results.
  • BILLING OVERVIEW TAB – REPORT LINKS: The new transfer details report (mentioned above) is now a quick link in the Reports section of the Billing overview tab. The same can also be said for the GZ Pay Transfers Report and the GZ Pay Monthly Statements Report. The links from the Billing overview tab, will open up the report in the Reports module. See where this is. All three of these reports can also be accessed directly from the Reports module.
  • EVENT ACTIVITY REPORT: To help remove some of the slowness with loading the Event Activity Report, we have now made it so when selecting specific events to pull data on, the event name dropdown will only pull in the past 100 events and future events up to 100.

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Publish Date : 6/3/2019

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