Software Updates: Q4 2019

Software Updates: Q4 2019

Software Updates: Q4 2019

Software Updates: Q4 2019

Learn about the new features added to your GrowthZone software in the last few months.

In the last few months we have implemented several new items on the GrowthZone platform. We've organized the following release notes by module/area of the software: 


AUTO SEND EVENT INVOICE: Large User Voice item!!! We now have the ability to automatically include a registrants event invoice right with their event confirmation email! When selecting the "Allow Invoicing" checkbox (within your events Overall Registration Settings on the Attendee Setup tab), you'll now see that an additional checkbox appears. which when enabled allows you to include the invoice in the confirmation email. See video of how this works. The confirmation email will then display a link to the invoice PDF.

EVENT CUSTOM FIELDS: We have now added the ability to add overall event Custom Fields. These custom fields are designed for staff members to track expenses and other internal event information. A great example of how this could be used would be to track overhead expenses, speakers, or unique event codes. See where these fields are added. When added, these event custom fields will show on all events (just like how contact custom fields work, when adding them to the more info tab). These fields can then easily be pulled into the Events Overview Report to compare year-over-year or event-to-event data points.

QUANTITY LIMIT ON ADDITIONAL ITEMS: Within the event registration settings, we have recently added the ability to limit the number of additional items you have available to be sold (if no limit is required, entering a "zero" means unlimited). See where to set this up. Each additional item can have its own specific limit set. Once the limit is reached, the item will be marked with “sold out” on the event registration form. This was a UserVoice item!

INVOICE LINE ITEM: You’ll now see, (under Setup> Event Settings> Invoice Line Item Description Options, dropdown) that we’ve added 3 new invoice line item descriptions:

  • Event Name, Attendee Name and Event Start Date (this was a UserVoice item!)
  • Event Name, Attendee Name and Registration Type
  • Event Name and Registration Type

EVENT INVITEES: You are now able to store and view your event invitees more clearly. You will no longer need to check the "store invitees" or set the number of attendees you want to store. All invitees are now stored and available via a spreadsheet download, found under orange actions button on your Event's Attendees Tab. One thing to note, is that invitees will no longer be displayed on the attendee tab. See where this is. These will only available via the spreadsheet download. Once an attendee chooses to register they will then they will display on the attendee tab with the status of "registered". You are still able to send event invites and email those that have not responded.

EVENT REGISTRATION FIELDS: UserVoice Item!! You are now able to use individual custom fields on event registration forms! There are a few areas of the system this impacts as well as some suggested best practices to keep in mind:

  • This feature is only available if the new checkbox "Allow Individual Custom Fields on Event" in Setup > Event Settings is checked.
  • The event must be Registration Version 2
  • Once the feature is enabled, the custom fields can be added to an event through the "Existing Custom Field" dropdown on the Add Event Custom Field overlay. Individual custom fields cannot be edited from here, just selected.
  • Carefully think about the information you're collecting through these fields. Any data that's already set on the fields will auto-populate on the registration form if an attendee is matched to a contact. This means that existing data in the field will be visible to anyone who enters that person's email address. Generally, this feature should only be used for information that doesn't change over time (e.g., whether a person uses left or right-handed golf clubs, dietary restrictions, etc...) If the field is used for personal or identifying information (e.g., a birthdate), we suggest having member registrations require a log-in to receive member pricing. If the field is for less personal information, that isn't necessary.

TOTAL EVENTS AVAILABLE PER MEMBERSHIP: We've now added a new "Total Available Per Membership" field to Membership Type Discounts on Events. When Advanced Options are enabled for this discount type, you're now able to set how many times a discount can be used per membership. A common scenario for using this would be to provide a set number of discounts or complimentary tickets to members. See where this setting is.

DEFAULT CALENDAR: To help reduce the frustration of an event not displaying in the Info Hub, you are able to set up a default event calendar, under Setup> Event Settings. Once set, all new events that are created will automatically have that default calendar selected. On a per event basis, you can always add/remove what calendar(s) are selected. This is just a nice little feature that can help speed up event creation.

STAFF ONLY ADDITIONAL ITEMS: You can now add Staff Only Additional Items to your event (both attendee and overall types). Note: this is for Event Registration Form V2 Only. A couple of examples of how this feature could be used are:

  • If you have specific items you want just your staff members to have access to
  • On the day of the event an attendee wants to add an on-site Raffle Ticket or a Mulligans. Staff members would be able to add that registration item right from the mobile staff app.

VERSION SELECTOR: Many of the new event features being rolled out are only available on our newer version of our event registration form (version 2).  To view which version your particular event is using, or to switch to the newer version, see where this is.



PROFILE TAB: You will now see that the default contact information is more prominent on the profile tab. For example, when there is more than one email address listed out in the contact information of an organization or individual, we bold the one marked as default. See an example of what this looks like.

MEMBER ENGAGEMENT TAB: You will now see the Engagement tab available on contact/org records. This tab allows staff members to view a member’s engagement all in one spot! Complete with visibility into their membership info, directory info, login statistics, communication touchpoints, event registrations, web content submissions, continuing education progress (if applicable), and more. Be sure to check it out! On this tab, staff members are easily able to download a nicely formatted PDF report of the information shown, OR email that PDF to the member. See where this is done. See our support wiki for more details.

UPDATE DIRECTORY FEATURE: We now have an option to email members a link that allows them to easily edit their information/directory listing without having to login to the Info Hub. This creates a barrier-free way for your members to update their important information. How it works: This feature can be found under the orange actions button on the Contacts Module, as "Email Member Profile Update". Selecting this option opens up an email dialog that give you filtering options for who should send it, as well as a nice pre-seeded template/message. See this message. When the member clicks the link in their email, they are sent to a webpage with their information populated. See what this page looks like. Members can edit or add to the information listed, and submit any changes. NOTE: While this option gives members an easy way to update their data, it also has the potential to overwrite backoffice data. Meaning, the data the member changes will also change in the backoffice.

IMPROVED DO NOT CONTACT SETTING: Previously, we had 2 ways to unsubscribe an email: the ability to unsubscribe from a specific list/committee OR the ability to be set as Do Not Contact at the overall email address level. Many individuals, when selecting unsubscribe, want to simply unsubscribe from Marketing-type emails, yet still receive transaction type emails (i.e. scheduled billing invoices).  Good news! We have now added in a third unsubscribe option that will allow for exactly that.

When editing an existing email address, from an organization or contact's profile tab, you'll now see that there is a new dropdown that is visible to staff, called "Restrictions". This drop down allows staff members to select either "Do Not Contact" or "Only Transactional Emails" or "None" (default).

The unsubscribe preferences page (located at the bottom of all mass emails, or emails sent through marketing automation) will now use the “only transaction emails” when someone selects “Do not email me at this address.” If this option is selected, it will ensure that the recipient does not receive any mass emails (including from your lists/committees as well as any mass emails you may be sending to dynamically created groups). However, any "transactional" type emails that you send, for example - invoices, will continue to be sent.

For more details visit our online support wiki.


ACCOUNTING TRANSACTION EXPORT (QB): The Accounting Transaction Export feature is now available. See where this is. Keeping in mind, we encourage customers to utilize the summary export as an account best practice. However if you do plan to use the Detailed Export, A service fee may be charged for assistance in trouble-shooting issues related to these accounting exports.

If you'd like more details on how to use this export feature, we've got you covered! Visit the Support Wiki.



FORM RESPONSE EMAIL TEMPLATE: High UserVoice Item! For those customers that have the Forms/Surveys module, we've released the ability to send a followup email to users that fill out a form/survey. This followup email acts as a confirmation for submitting, as well as gives the user a recap of what they filled out in the form/survey. To set this up, you'll need to have 2 things setup:

  • SETUP: When setting up your form, you'll see a new checkbox called "Send Email to Submitter". This will need to be enabled. See where this is.
  • EMAIL ADDRESS: To ensure the system knows who to send the confirmation email to, you will also need to include the "Form-Email" question within your form. This is a pre-existing field that will need to be placed into each form/survey you wish to send confirmation emails out for. Here is a quick video on where to find this field to add.

The customizable template that is sent out, can be found under Setup> Email Templates. Make sure to set your template as the "Form Submission Confirmation" under Setup> Automated Message.



CUSTOM FIELDS NOW AVAILABLE: You are now able to place custom fields into your Invoice document generation template. To do this, open your template in Microsoft Word, add a merge field. (See the instructions for how to do this in Step #6) When editing your merge field, be sure that the Field Name matches the custom field name in the database exactly.



NEW SEARCHING IMPROVEMENTS: You are now able to allow searching by Country, State, and City in the search bar on the public directory (when using Public Module V2) See example video of what this looks like. To set this up, go to Setup> Directories> Choose your directory, and enable the country, state, and city filters to be displays. See where this is. 

LISTING IMPROVEMENTS: You now have the option to add Title and/or Company as items to display on the search cards of those individuals in your search results, as well as on the directory listing itself. You’ll find these new settings under Setup> Directory Displays Settings (under advanced settings). See where this setting is.


CONTACTS PROFESSIONAL INFO: Info entered on a contact's profile on the Professional section (see where this is) can now be included when running the Contacts report. You can add these to your report in the Fields to Display or select them as Criteria to filter by. The fields are organized under the heading of their associated Professional Info Category - Education, Work, Volunteer, or License. Note that if someone has multiple Professional info records associated with them, they will appear in the Contacts report for each of those entries. In that case, using Summarize By Contact Name will be helpful if that will be common in your data.

RECURRING BILLING REPORT: We've added Tax Exempt Status, Primary Contact Email Address, Term Price, and Annualized Amount as a Criteria and Field to Display.

MEMBERSHIP REPORT: We've added Billing Frequency as a Criteria and Field to Display

TRANSACTIONS BY CONTACT: We've added Event Name as a field to display/Criteria/Summarize By.


We have added the name of the form to the form submission email that is sent to the contact selected to receive those notifications (setup in the form itself as the one getting response notifications). This was a UserVoice item! The name of the form you are working on also appears in the back office, in the title of the screen to help clarify what form you are adding questions to.


ADD A COMOPNENT FROM AN EVENT: You'll now see that you can add a new component right from your event. See where this is (Event Overview tab> Continuing Education section) This new addition, makes setting up components a breeze, especially for organizations that are looking to simply provide credit for the hours they earned with that specific event. In fact, you can even set up the certification itself from that "add" component screen. This new add button on the event itself allows you to save time by not having to bounce back and forth between modules. If you prefer to set up the components within the Continuing Education module too, that still continues to be an option for you, as well.

You can also override a component's instructor for a single event.

Included recently, we’ve also made it so there is a better lookup for components from an event. You no longer have to start typing to see the list of matching component names. Now, you are able to see the full list in alphabetical order and select one, or if you have many components, you can search by name too (best of both worlds!).

IMPROVED SETUP PROCESS: Link a component to a certification while creating a certification. We've saved you a step when setting up your components. On that add component screen, you can now enter what certificate the component is apart of.

EASY PRINT OPTIONS: If needing to print Rosters for an Event you can now Filter the Continuing Education Roster Report by Event and sort a roster alphabetically by last name.



KEYWORD SEARCH: You can now search by keywords in the MemberPlus App Directory (not just by contacts).

CUSTOM LINKS: We allow users to set custom links in the Info Hub's left nav. These same links are now available in the MemberPlus App too! Those custom links are set in back office via > Setup > Info Hub Settings > Links Tab. The app will honor link name, custom icon, and sort order settings. When link is selected in the app, it will navigate there using the built in device browser.

INFO HUB COLORS: The primary and secondary colors that are set in the Info Hub settings in the back office, are now applied to the MemberPlus App as well.

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