Voluntary Fees - Now Available!

Voluntary Fees - Now Available!

Voluntary Fees - Now Available!

Voluntary Fees - Now Available!

You can now easily ask for, collect, and track voluntary fee amounts!

We've recently added the ability to use voluntary fees on member invoices and membership applications. With a simple set up you can easily ask for, collect and track voluntary amounts. 


There are many reasons an association may want to utilize voluntary fees. They could use it to ask for extra funds for special projects, such as technology improvements, or fundraising to support specific committees, such as a Political Action Committee, or even for voluntary dues increases which may gain members future advantages.

To begin asking for voluntary fees, add this feature to your member invoices and/or your membership application. We have designed it so that it is clear to your members when and if they are opting into the additional fee. For example on invoices, the amount of the invoice without voluntary fee will always be shown first, and if voluntary amounts are included, it will note that with a phrase (voluntary amount). The same goes for the membership application.

The dollar amount shown in these places is a suggested amount that you can control. However, the member can, if they want to, change the dollar amount to their desired amount. 

Watch a quick video on how to add voluntary fees     |     Get a detailed look at voluntary fees


Collecting and managing your voluntary fees is simple.  They are presented in all of the places members would go to make a payment. Whether that's through their hub profile page, on their invoice, and/or when they sign up on the membership application. 

If a member wants to pay a voluntary fee, they just click the checkbox and it will be added to their total. 

If the member does not want to pay the voluntary fee, they simply uncheck the box. With unpaid voluntary fees, you won't have to 'undo' or write off anything. They will not remain as an open balance, either. It's simply an "in the moment" opportunity that can only be presented on a member invoice (or in the membership application).  

Watch a quick video on how a member will see voluntary fees   


Easily track how much you've collected from voluntary fees. Pull a report to find out the amount of voluntary fees that were paid vs. those left unpaid during a certain period of time. 

See a screenshot of what this report looks like.   |   Get a detailed look at voluntary fee reporting

Details to Consider When Creating Invoices:

  • An invoice cannot ONLY have a voluntary amount. It must be tied in with a membership fee item. 
  • We recommend making your Voluntary Fee the last item on your invoice so that the description of the invoice that shows by default will be for the item of importance.
  • When sending out invoices, the only way to exclude voluntary amounts is to use the batch print/email options under Billing Invoices tab.  

Already simulating voluntary fees with regular fee items? 

We've made it easy to make the switch to our new voluntary fee functionality, even if you're currently just simulating them. Go into your Goods/Services (Setup>Goods/Services), select the fee item you want changed, and just check the Voluntary checkbox. Make sure your fee item has a "Good/Service Type" of membership. 

If you've already sent out invoices with regular fees that simulate voluntary fees, those remaining invoices will have to be handled the same way you had in the past, but going forward all new invoices will have the new fee structure. Which means, no more writing-off! 

What is the difference between voluntary fees and donations?

Our customers typically use Voluntary fees for things like Political Action contributions or if a member would "opt in" to give a higher amount than their dues. Whereas, Donations are used for things more focused on fundraising campaigns where solicitation commonly occurs outside of membership renewals/signups. Learn more about our fundraising capabilities.  

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