We've Made Adding and Editing Memberships Easier

We've Made Adding and Editing Memberships Easier

We've Made Adding and Editing Memberships Easier

We've Made Adding and Editing Memberships Easier

We've been working on some adjustments to make membership management easier for you.

We want to make membership management easier for you. Over the past few weeks we've been working on some changes that will make pricing your memberships, adding memberships, and adjusting your memberships a smoother experience. Here are some areas of the software that you will see updates:

(Setup>Goods/Service>choose existing or add new)

On the Goods/Services screen, you can see in the comparison image below that we've moved a few of the fields to smarter locations. A few other things we've changed are:

  • Instead of presenting all of the fields at the same time, we've now made it so the Revenue Recognition area only appears when choosing Accrual for the Account Type
  • We've grouped a few of the independent settings together in an area called "Settings". This will help it so they don't get lost within the other dropdowns/fields.  

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Visit out knowledge base to learn how to set up Goods and Services.

(Membership Module>Memberships Types tab>choose existing or add new)

The Membership Type screen is another area where we moved a few fields around so they would display in a more logical order. See the comparison photo below. The changes we made on this screen include:

  • We've moved important items to the top, such as the Owned By field and the Is Active checkbox. 
  • We've moved less important (not as frequently used) fields closer to the bottom. Membership Policies, while still important, are now in their own section below Recurring Fees and Setup/One-Time Fees. Custom Fields, if applicable, will display near the bottom of the screen, as well.
  • Better labels. We've added the word "(Optional)" to a couple of sections, including Calendar Year Renewal and Membership Categories. These less frequently used areas are still displayed, it is just clearer to staff users that those areas are not required. 
  • A NEW field! You will now see a Per Bill Amount field that will populate, in real time. This field will change based on the membership price you have entered and the default billing frequency. It will really help staff members see how the different billing frequencies affect the price. 
  • BONUS: You can now set the Default Billing Frequency to "Once Per Term", a new frequency type just added! For example, if your membership is 24 months and you plan to only bill for that once every 24 months, then the Once Per Term selection would be the frequency you want. 

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Visit our knowledge base to learn how to add a new membership type. 

(Any active contact>Profile tab>Actions button on their membership>choose option)

When clicking the actions button on an existing membership, you have the ability to Upgrade, Downgrade, and Adjust that membership. On those three screens in particular, you will see the following changes:

  • The Per Bill Amount field, as mentioned above. 
  • The Per Bill Discount field, showing you the exact amount that will be discounted each time. You can click on this discount dollar amount to add/edit additional details regarding the discounts applied. 
  • The Tax field has moved to the left. 

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(Any active contact/organization>Billing tab)

Continuing with our efforts to make adding and editing memberships easier, we've also made a few small updates to the Billing Tab of a contact/organization. Some of these changes include:

  • In the Billing Fees and Schedule area, you will see that the fields are in a slightly different order. We've also added the Membership Type column.
  • For scheduled billings that have met or exceeded their end date, you will now see a strike through text. This is just a quick visual indicator for staff members that this scheduled billing is no longer active. 

One other item to note in this area, under the actions button you have the ability to Add Recurring Billing. We've moved that action to the bottom of the list, as this is now only intended for adding non-membership related billing items. If you are looking to adjust a membership, this must now be done in the membership section of the contacts/orgs profile tab. To add a new membership, you can use that same area on the contact/org profile page or from the Memberships Module.

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Additional Training and Documentation
If you are looking for step by step instructions on how to set up any of these items mentioned, visit our support wiki. There you will find answers to your questions, step by step instructions, and more!

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Publish Date : March 15, 2018

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